NEW ROAD 2018!


COL DE LA COUILLOLE – 1678m (Beuil) 7KM  3,3% – CIME DE LA BONETTE – 2802m (Saint Etienne de Tinée) 25,8 KM  6,4% – COL DE LA CAYOLLE – 2326m (Uvernet-Fours) 25 KM  4,8% – VALBERG – 1672M (Péone) 14,4 KM 6%


The full course, allowing riders to take on the “holy trinity” of the short Couillole, the Bonette,  celebrated as the highest paved road in Europe, the Cayolle and the last climb to Valberg. Taking no prisoners and going deep into the world famous Mercantour National Park, the epic nature of the surrounding wilderness is matched only by the quality of riding on offer.

The 1st edition by “Café du Cycliste”