27valberg-mounier-du-vasson2 Located just over one hour from Nice, the ski resort of Valberg will provide a great offer of services that would suit everyone. You will find accommodations along with a variety of activities for the family. Valberg is at the cutting edge of sustainable development and is located within the Parc du Mercantour.log_valberg

Valberg will host the finish line of the 180k full route (La Valbergane) as well as the start and finish of the Leisure Ride. This year, the after race meal and price collection with be held in Valberg.





Founded in the Tenth Century by William the Second, Guillaumes is a village full of history. Until 1760, it was designing the border between Provence and France.

The 8guillaumes00m high village of Guillaumes also has an important agricultural past and todays Fairs are a vivid legacy. The natural heritage of Guillaumes is outstanding with his astonishing red gorges who were just classified as Regional Natural Reserve.

As the starting point of your journey (and finish line of the 120k route), Guillaumes will also be a great place to enjoy nature and culture during your stay.

Accomodation in Guillaumes