Cougourde-BoréonMercan’Tour Bonette has that peculiarity to make you ride some roads within the National park of Mercantour. Indeed, when climbing the Col de la Cayolle and the Col de la Bonette, you will be in immersion at the heart of this gorgeous scenery.

Created in 1979, the Parc National Du Mercantour is one of the 10 national parks in France. With its ideal location among mountain and sea, the richness of its wildlife is outstanding. From the top of mountains over 3000m high, you can look down and see the Mediterranean. A real paradise for hikers, you will appreciate its wild character and the season’s colors. Added to its natural heritage, its historical and cultural legacy will amaze you, like the Vallée des Merveilles with its cave paintings.img_7886

Since 1987 the Parc National Du Mercantour is twinned with the Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime. A formal application has been raised to the Unesco to be classified at the World Heritage list. Therefore, we ask you to pay a great attention and show respect to this environment: please keep detritus in your pockets, observe, enjoy this wonderful nature. And it will give back to you!